Easy Iron

Easy Iron

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Life Vitamins Easy Iron is the readily absorbable iron formula to restore body iron reserves.

Iron is a critical mineral in human physiology. Iron exists in various forms in the body, in functional forms (hemoglobin and enzymes) and in transport and storage forms. It functions as a cofactor in energy-generating and synthetic reactions and allows the transport and storage of oxygen. Blood loss (including menstruation) is the most common cause of iron deficiency. Iron may be used to treat or prevent anemia and must be present to ensure normal immune, neuronal, and metabolic function.

As a component of hemoglobin and myoglobin, iron is critical for the transport and storage of oxygen in the body. Iron is required for normal growth, development, and immune function. It is a critical component of mitochondrial enzymes responsible for oxidative phosphorylation and ATP generation, as well as cytochromes which mediate metabolism of many drugs. Iron is required for the synthesis of carnitine, a critical compound in fatty acid metabolism. Iron-containing enzymes synthesize both serotonin and dopamine, and the synthesis of collagen and elastin involve iron as a cofactor. Therefore, CNS function and connective tissue maintenance depend upon this metal.

The form of iron in Life Vitamins Easy Iron is the bis-glycinate chelated form. There is evidence for significant increases in the intestinal absorption of iron from iron bis-glycinate chelate compared to inorganic iron salts. While these increased uptakes of iron from the bis-glycinate chelate into mucosal tissue are highly significant, there is a mechanism in the mucosal tissue which controls the quantity of iron from the bis-glycinate chelate that is transferred to the plasma. For example, the higher the hemoglobin value, the less iron transferred. When considered together these studies demonstrate that iron bis-glycinate chelate is both a safe and effective source of iron for treatment of iron deficiencies.