About Us


Incorporated in 2011 and based in Miami-Florida, Miami Impex LLC is a multiple specialty trading and commercial business company with a core focus on pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical lab equipment, renewable energy, energy conservation, and environmental sustainability areas.

The products and services are exported mainly to various Middle East markets. Several years of working with different customers from the region has given us a good knowledge of the area’s special requirements and the preferences in the region.


We supply both our own brands of pharmaceuticals manufactured in USA and we also provide our customers with their on-demand orders of pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory supplies. Currently, we have two brands for nutritional supplements in the market: Vitanex and Life Vitamins. 


Since 2011, we have helped our customers set up several medical laboratories and supplied a wide range of laboratory equipment for molecular diagnostics, immunology and biochemistry lines. We have also exported large volumes of hospital equipment and consumables especially surgical sutures.