About Us

Miami Impex was incorporated in 2011 in the State of Florida. The company’s core activities are in the field of medical products exports since its inception. The products are exported to Middle East. Several years of working with different customers from Middle Eastern markets has given us a good knowledge of the area’s special requirements and the mentality of the health care professionals and consumers in the region.

We supply Middle East markets with both our own brands of pharmaceuticals manufactured in USA and also we provide our customers with their on-demand orders of pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory supplies. Currently, we have two brands in the Middle East market: Vitanex & Life Vitamins for nutritional supplements and . Since 2011, we have helped our customers set up several medical laboratories and supplied a wide range of laboratory equipments for molecular diagnostics, immunology and biochemistry lines. 

Farabi Medical Laboratory in Erbil, Iraq is one of the turnkey projects we have done in Middle East. The lab was launched in 2012 in the northern city of Erbil with an emphasis on providing advanced tests for the community and the region. In a period of several years the lab has evolved further and has become the main genetics and molecular tests service provider in north Iraq with a stunning wide variety of test menu on offer and a track record of over a thousand prenatal tests performed for families of patients with genetic diseases to avoid having a second child with the same condition as the one already suffering in the family or passed away from the disease.